A century ago, renouned Parapsychologist Hans Holzer changed the face of paranormal research and investigation forever. And while the torch he lit is an essential one to carry, it’s an important point to note that it’s never ceased.

As a testament to this legacy, Alexandra Holzer, daughter of the late Hans Holzer, has dedicated her research, her career, and so much of her life to ensuring that this torch not only keeps burning, but is propelled forward for future generations to see. And to call Alexandra a force of nature would not only be cliche, it just might be something of an understatement. Precious few in this world approach their work, or their legacy, with the voracity, passion and conviction that she clearly has in such abundance. To know Alexandra Holzer will not only give you a glimpse of the past, but an understanding of the future possibilities, and the promise, within the field of paranormal research and investigation.-http://darkmediacity.wordpress.com/


'Hudson Valley Ghost Gal' Alexandra Holzer Talks About Haunted Hudson Valley

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'Hudson Valley Ghost Gal' Alexandra Holzer tours haunted Old Monroe Stage Coach Inn

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In this exclusive interview from Scream Factory, Alexandra Holzer talks about Hans Holzer, her father, his work, and how it became the story for Amityville II. 

THE STREET Video Interview

Spooks Spike Home Prices!
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My latest radio interview with EPIC is now posted at Art Bell’s darkmatterradio.net (DMRN) on their Tuesday schedule at 10 p.m.-midnite. 

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These awesome guys from Keeping the Spirits Alive, interviewed legendary director JOHN CARPENTER, of such classics as Halloween, Christine, Escape from NY, The Ward, Starman, They Live, The Thing and more during Film Makers Spotlight Month!

Check out my radio spot with them! After I'm off air they say such nice things! 

Link: http://keepingthespirtsalive.podomatic.com/entry/2013-10-01T08_11_23-07_00

John Zaffis and I are on the case!

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         HOLZER...a name you can believe in!
       The Paranormal Daughter

“I use all my tools, including myself, because I am an open individual who is not closed off to the possibilities of what life offers and why we are here.” -Alexandra Holzer, Second Generation Ghost Hunter

Actor and Writer Dan Aykroyd says Dr. Hans Holzer inspired him to do the popular classic film, 

I became obsessed by Hans Holzer, the greatest ghost

hunter ever. That’s when the idea of my

Ghostbusters was born."