The Paranormal Daughter
            ...a name you can believe in!

“Hans Holzer understands the rules of ghostly behavior perhaps better than anyone else. It is his business to investigate hauntings. While he might not be frightened by ghosts, most of the people who call on him for help are.”
–- Leonard Nimoy, Actor, Producer, Director

“Doctor Hans Holzer, probably the world's most credible and respected ghostbuster, writes in his Travel Guide to Haunted Houses: "A ghost appears to be a surviving emotional memory of someone who died traumatically... but is unaware of his or her death. Sudden death comes as a shock... and human personalities stay on the spot where emotional attachment existed prior to their physical deaths," says Holzer. He posits that ghosts are electromagnetic fields encased in the physical body. At death the outer layer dissolves leaving this energy free to move forward and back in space and time interacting with the other waves which comprise our plane of existence.”  
-- Dan Aykroyd, Actor, Writer, Producer, Director 

"Alexandra Holzer gives a whole new meaning to juggling family & work! Her abilities to touch the spirit world, while teaching her children to hone their skills, is amazing. She is truly a modern day marvel!"
–- Ernie Hudson, star of “Ghost Busters” feature film series 

  These days there are countless books on the paranormal with chapters or mentions of the Whaley House, but I can remember as a child, when I first became a Whaley House enthusiast, Dr. Hans Holzer’s book Ghosts of the Golden West was virtually the only one. I read my copy until it fell apart. Although that book is now long out-of-print, the chapter is reproduced in Dr. Holzer's book GHOSTS, which has always been and continues to be a best seller at our museum shop. I think Dr. Holzer's name is still very well respected by people interested in the paranormal, and for that reason his visit to the Whaley House (as well as those of Regis Philbin, both with and without Dr. Holzer) are still inquired about by our guests, more than 45 years later.” 
-- Dean Glass, Manager, San Diego’s historically haunted Whaley House

"I've had the skeptical pleasure of having Alex do a reading for me among a group...needless to say, I'm no longer a skeptic - but a true believer of the after-life and her gift/curse.  She is, without a doubt, the real thing when it comes to paranormality AND spirituality...her father's talents were truly passed on within her and I am positive the physical world would be ecstatic to know the Holzer legacy continues…"
-- Lea, A High Profile Client.

"Alex is the real deal! Her paranormal gifts transcend intuition and are uncanny in their accuracy." -- Isadar, Pianist and Musician at Manager within Sony Music Entertainment's department of Vault and Archives.

"Wow thanks Alex you pretty much hit the nail on the head with everything. Very accurate. Thanks so much it does help with me being able to help my daughters. Hope all is well I will be in touch."
-- Carol C., Client and Nurse.

"Thank you, so much. I shared this with my sister. I wish I could let everything go."
-- Sandra, A Client.

"Alex is an incredibly gifted talent. My encounter with her was both heartfelt and heartwarming. She is articulate and intelligent and the details she shares from the other side are full of love and understanding, encouragement and humor.  Alex takes the time to explain and describe in detail what she experiences when a presence is in the room.  Her demeanor is relaxed, making all in attendance comfortable. She is kind and caring of those spirits present and reveals details through messages and validations. I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to experience firsthand this exceptional gift Alex possess."
-- Linda, A Client.

"She has a unique understanding of the world and deep connection to her energy and the energy of those around her. Naturally intuitive, observant and insightful." 
-- Kristen, Owner PALADINO CASTING

"Alexandra Holzer is one of those fascinating souls who challenges you to consider all the possibilities in the most positive way. Alexandra captivated our global radio audience with her talent and skills to see into the deep utilizing her unique intuitive gifts and practical teachings from famed father, Hans Holzer. Alexandra respects all faiths and the individual, gently bridging the tangible world with the spiritual, in both spoken and written communication. Unforgettable and dynamic, Alexandra is dedicated to offering each soul she meets healing and hope to be the best version of themselves."

-- Deb Scott, BA CPC,

Lynne Palmer says, " I think Alexandra Holzer is an expert on the paranormal following in her famous father, Hans Holzer's, footsteps. For the daughter of the foremost paranormal expert in the world, please click here for the Holzer legacy that continues on."