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Born Again (The Hans Holzer Digital Collection Book 1) [Kindle Edition] 

From the Hans Holzer Digital Collection - his famed work on Reincarnation. 

Alexandra does the introduction to this old classic.

-Authenticated case histories of "ordinary" Americans who have lived before: 

-Pamela Wollenberg, a twenty-year-old girl from Harvey, Illinois, in a previous incarnation the daughter of a Scottish nobleman, killed herself in a leap from the tower of her castle. 

-Ruth MacGuire, who now lives a peaceful life in an abandoned Inn in Connecticut, found memories under hypnosis of earlier lives as a Puritan girl dying of consumption before reaching America, and as a British officer's wife, raped in a bloody Hindu uprising in India. 

-June Volpe was a belle of Atlanta before the Civil War and, as Elizabeth Simms, was killed by her son on a new plantation in Florida. She now lives the quiet life of a Pennsylvania housewife. 

These are just a few of those who have been... Born Again.

Gothic Ghosts [Kindle Edition] and on Audible narrated by Jim Tedder
Gothic Ghosts is a collection of nineteen true stories of haunted houses, ghosts, and eyewitness encounters with the spirit world. Included are true accounts of interactions with the Other Side from the states of Georgia, New York, California, Kansas, Missouri, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Illinois, and Connecticut, as well as encounters in Switzerland and Canada.

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Ghosts of the Golden West: The Hans Holzer Digital Collection [Kindle Edition]


In ghosts of the Golden West, Hans Holzer and medium,Sybil Leek, head out west in search of the haunted, and the possessed. There's San Diego's Whaley House Ghosts; Count Wurmbrand, now deceased, who may or may not be the fulfillment of an ancient curse; an ambulance driver possessed by two victims; a disgruntled, displaced mother-in-law, sailors, Indians, Carole Lombard, Spanish monks, a disenchanted debutante and last but hardly least, a ""topless"" psychic who also happens to be the mother of eight. There's also a doctor who takes some strange and interesting photographs. A wonderful collection of vintage paranormal investigations, told by the master himself. on iTunes!

The Truth About ESP: What It Is, How It Works, and How You Develop It [Kindle Edition]
If you think that extrasensory perception (ESP) is a power reserved for crystal-ball gazers, gypsies, believers in the occult, or something to watch on late-night television, this book will come as a big surprise. For ESP is a power latent in each one of us. Every single man, woman, and child has the ability to obtain information beyond the limitations of the time-space continuum. If we're not aware of this force, we're either ignoring it, suppressing it, or ascribing the phenomenon to other causes. In this book, Hans Holzer tells how to develop your ESP powers to time in on future events, send messages mind-to-mind across distances, even communicate with the next dimension. 

Mr. Holzer, through twenty years of intensive research in the field, offers hundreds of case histories dealing with psychic phenomena, reported by housewives, teachers, clergymen, laborers, old people, and children. Mr. Holzer explores astral projection, precognition, clairvoyance, trance, and evaluates such psychic tools as Ouija boards and tarot cards. Test sheets for professional and layman alike are included to determine one's ESP potential. 

ESP incidents can't simply be ignored, explains Mr. Holzer. They are numerous and well supported by evidence and reputable witnesses. Science can no longer treat parapsychology as a stepchild. ESP is not supernatural, but perfectly natural. Holzer endorses the increased development of this faculty through actual use and frequent testing.

Audible Edition:

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Psycho-Ecstasy: The Drugless Trip (The Hans Holzer Digital Collection Book 2) [Kindle Edition]

The Drugless Trip... 

Psycho-Ecstasy presents a revolutionary new method for becoming a new you - without psycho-therapy, without drugs. Hans Holzer explains, in easy-to-read language, how to use "PSE" to understand the essential duality of life, and then provides the exact phrases which, when repeated, can help you reach a state of true personal fulfillment. 

INCLUDES a ten-point program for sexual ecstasy! 

Hans Holzer was an Assistant Professor of Parapsychology at the New York Institute of Technology, Research Director of the New York Committee for the Investigation of Paranormal Occurrences, and a member of the College of Psychic Studies in London, as well as a lecturer at leading colleges.


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Ghosts of the Golden West: The Hans Holzer Digital Collection

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