The Paranormal Daughter
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Seth Porges article "Return To Amityville" in the May 2012 issue of Maxim Magazine states, "When it came time to look for the weapon [the pistol recovered from the Amityville canal by our team in January], Katzenbach consulted with two different psychics. According to Katzenbach, both said that a gun was in the canal."  

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BY RYAN KATZENBACH • I'm not a big believer in the supernatural. I don't freak when a black cat crosses my path. I've broke my share of mirrors, with minimal change, good or bad, to my "luck," and I do, on occasion, walk under ladders with careless
disregard. I am not a believer in Ouija boards, tarot cards, or psychics.


 "Alex would often tell me things via our often insanely funny email and phone conversations...intuitive signals that she picked up...and, as I said, not being a believer, I was skeptical but her reads were nonetheless entertaining. However, there came one conversation wherein Alexandra relayed to me certain details about a relationship I had with someone that NO ONE, excepting maybe some of my closest friends in California, actually knew about. I was somewhat dumbfounded when she brought this individual up and described her in detail. Alex, I must state, would have no way of knowing this...I had told only a couple of people."

"Now, sure, Alexandra is familiar, obviously, with the Amityville case, so some will likely disqualify what comes next based on her predisposal to the case. BUT, I must note, Alex and I have never talked about my belief that a gun in the canal. In all candor, at this point in early 2011, I still was not certain as to my own beliefs and whether or not my research was leading me in the right direction. I was sort of "testing" my own faith in my research by even asking Alexandra, the intuitive for a read of the photo."

"Almost immediately, Alexandra comes up on my instant messenger. "There's a gun in the water,” reads her only words. The sentence was simple, matter-of-fact."

More things surfaced as the article reveals.

Dr. Hans Holzer poses for a portrait in front of 112 Ocean Avenue. (Photo courtesy Alexandra Holzer; All rights reserved.)