The Paranormal Daughter
            ...a name you can believe in!

HAUNTED FAMILY LEGACY: Reportedly haunted that is...

Father ~ Professor Dr. Hans Holzer

Sample reportings (too many to list)- LIFE Magazine prints Hans on the case for San Diego's Whaley House Historical Museum. He took Regis Philbin there for a private investigation BEFORE Regis had Live with Regis on TV.

The New Yorker - By Ben McGrath

Sample tele appearances (too many to list)

11:30-1:00 a.m., Johnny Carson has Eva Gador, David Doyle and Hans Holzer as guests on. Steve Allen was hosting The Tonight Show - 1964 Release of The Ghost Hunter Book

Mother ~ Countess Catherine Buxhoeveden

Wilmington, North Carolina on both Mother and Father. Hans was on the case and Catherine as her own haunted history.

The most enduring railroad legend of this region is that of Joe Baldwin. Supposedly, Joe Baldwin, a conductor, was decapitated in a train wreck. It was said that his body was retrieved but his head was never found. The Maco Lights, a strange electrical phenomenon associated with the stretch of track where Baldwin was supposed to have been killed, was said to be the light from an otherworldly lantern held by the ghost of Baldwin as he searched for his missing head. The tale is very old. For generations, people would go out to the small community of Maco and wait in the dark to see the lights. After the tracks were taken up, the lights were no longer seen.

Hans Holzer, then a best-selling author and “assistant professor in parapsychology at the New York Institute of Technology, “ visited the area in May 1964, at the invitation of the Southeastern North Carolina Beach Association. Mr. Holzer didn’t see the ghost himself, because of the crowds that followed him around. (“Evidently, “ he later wrote, “we were the most exciting thing that had happened to them for some time.”) He did, however, interview dozens of witnesses.

At a lecture in New Hanover High School’s Brogden Hall, he announced that he was convinced the Maco tracks were, indeed, haunted.

Southhampton Press - Countess Catherine was one of the first to paint in oil medium, haunting locations of Hans'. Today, she continues on her own with a multitude of an array of different types of art. She attended the School of Visual Arts and Fashion Institute of Technology, in Manhattan.

Working with Hans in England with famed British medium and white witch, Sybil Leek. (Look at that camera!)

Daughter ~ Alexandra Holzer

Southhampton Press
- Mother/Daughter Book Signing and Art Show at East End Books, East Hampton, New York.

It is TRULY a rare and unique haunted family affair!